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Thomas Jane in his 1st feature film role, and Aysha Hauer as Thomas Quinton Pennington and Aysha Almouth are our lead characters in this flight across America. Both Tom and Aysha have distinguished character roles behind them, At Ground Zero represents their first leading roles in what will obviously be a long line of interesting films for both of them.

Thomas Jane, also known and credited in this picture as Tom Elliott, is very secretive about his background, he says he comes from a military family and that his father is a scientist.  Exactly what is true we are not sure, however, he is the comic book super hero in the new film, "The Punisher", and has had leading roles in "The Stander", "Thursday", "The Velocity Of Gary", "Face Off", "Boogie Nights", "The Last Time I Committed Suicide" and "Deep Blue Sea", he brings an energetic naivete', silent strength and desperation to his first feature film role as "Thomas Quinton Pennington. Tom, just Tom."

Aysha Hauer is from Switzerland and brings a complex independence and alien nature to her role as Aysha Almouth:   "We're outsiders, foreign, different...We're not from around here."   Aysha is the daughter of the Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, in her premiere role.

Brian Brophy is Carman (sic), " know like the singer from the 20's, Carman." Brian brings a bittersweet humanity and comic desperation to his role as Carman, he makes a wonderful counterpoint to the lives of his traveling companions. Brian is a member of Tim Robbin's Actor's Gang and was featured in "The Shawshank Redemption" and Robert Altman's film, "The Player."

Craig Schlattman is the enigmatic Bubba. Craig brings a psychic tension to his character and an odd comedic sensibility. Who or what are you 'supposed' to think of Bubba depends on you, he remains an inscrutable character throughout the film. Craig brings his experience both behind and in front of the camera to his role as 'The Bubba"; "Bubba's the name, service the fame....Ha."

Frank Kinikin plays the part of Rudy the drug dealer.  Franks aggressive performance in the opening sequences of the film displays his stage experience and training in Minnesota and give his character an insidious threat, and wonderful reality; "I want you to trust me on this, Rudy always does his duty. Trust me..."