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A diminutive brat, infatuated with Annie Oakley is befriended by the used car salesman who has killed her parents in a tale of the most extreme of extended families.  A story of last chances, father figures, and trials of redemption.

A used car salesman (Brian Brophy - The Shawshank Redemption, The Player) in the midst of realizing his life is a failure kills the obnoxious parents of what he believes is an abused 12 year old brat, Melissa (Kathy Morozova), as he tries to close them in a sale of the only car he has left on his lot. Melissa refuses to shoot him when he hands her the gun and tells her he would "understand", then promises to take her cross country to Texas to live with her only surviving family, Aunt Betty (Mink Stole - Serial Mom, Pink Flamingos), in what he believes will be a final act of salvation, one last good deed. With his two salesmen, Dwight (Adam Paul- Ironweed) and Derrick (Arthur Roberts- Unnatural Acts) in tow, they take flight from the murders and one Quinton Bendick (Andre Marquis- The Proud and The Damned, Ride The Tiger), Bart's sadistic mentor, former friend and creditor, and become an odd family with Derrick serving as the father figure for Bart and Dwight, while Bart becomes father and friend to this tough, intelligent 12 year old.

At a river bed Bart dances a 70's line dance with Melissa in front of the car that contains the bodies of her parents, just before he dumps it into a river. In an accident of fate, the group discovers Melissa's prowess with a gun, and Bart teaches her about life, wearing the white hat, doing the right thing and Annie Oakley, whom she comes to idolize.

Bart and Melissa team up to trade the Volvo to a small town used car salesman (David Alexander- Dutch, Newsies, Geronimo) as Melissa comes to Bar's aid for the first time. A small town bartender (Craig Schlattman- At Ground Zero, Indian Poker) matches bravado with Derrick with disastrous results for Dwight when he hits him in the head with a beer mug, "a heavy one", wounding him severely.

Stopping in a lounge Bart dances with Melissa, again, as Melissa begins to feel her youth and freedom we watch her through Bart's not so parental eyes. In a small town seedy motel it becomes apparent Dwight's head wound is too severe to ignore and Derrick and Dwight leave the group to take Dwight to a hospital.

On a dry lake bed we witness the bonding, friendship and tragedy of Bart and Melissa's haunting relationship before it builds to a final climax at Aunt Betty's house as Quinton shows up and the terror, beauty and banality of their journey come to a head. Quinton humiliates and degrades Bart in front of Melissa and Bart's compliance and embrace of this humiliation motivates Melissa to a surprising, violent and bittersweet action. The first adult decision of this 12 year old ensues, a wrenching decision full of the mixed emotions of both characters, and fantasy of what could have been and what could never be.