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Brian Brophy is the enigmatic Bartholomew Trust, owner of the car lot.  Brian's stellar performance reflects his conviction to the character and the toll of a man at the end of his financial, and emotional rope. Brian's work with Tim Robbins Actors Gang and his many screen rolls including "The Shawshank Redemption", "White Man's Burden", "At Ground Zero" and "The Player" served his inspired performance well.

Kathy Morozova plays Melissa, the precocious brat child of obnoxious parents.  Kathy's willingness to explore her ensuing adulthood for the character goes will past her 12 years. She gives her character a naturalness, and quiet presence hard to find in actors twice her age and experience. Kathy's inspired reading over 250 other young actors won her the part, not her experience or her agent. She is a talent to watch.

Arthur Roberts is the elder statesman of the group.  Arthur's stability in the role of Derrick brought the power and reflection of experience to an insane situation. Arthur's many roles in film and television including "Unnatural Acts", "The Bride", "Gone Hollywood", "General Hospital" and "Secret Storm" gave him the base on which to build a character like Derrick, and he excelled in its execution.

Adam Paul's sarcastic wit was a perfect match to the wisecracking Dwight.  Adam gave Dwight the humanity and intelligence needed to temper his rapier tongue and keen observations of the declining situation, without losing his innocence.  His experience in "Ironweed", "Norma & Maryland", "Hamlet", "The Poker Game" and his American Conservatory training honed his performance to a fine edge.

Andre Marquis revels in Quinton's "skin."  The accomplished actor, director and writer has had numerous lead roles in both English and Spanish including "The Proud and The Damned", "Day of the Wolves", "Ride the Tiger", "Code of Silence" and "DejaVu."  He brings an elegance and horrifying, congenial threat to Quinton that a lesser actor could not.

Mink Stole's long list of credits include the David Lynch film, "Lost Highway", "Pink Flamingoes", "Serial Mom", and "Cry Baby" to name but a few.  Mink's long career with John Waters has made her an icon, and her dramatic turn as Aunt Better in "The Seller" will certainly be a feather in her cap.  Mink's performance as the near alcoholic tough Texas woman that is Melissa's only surviving family is inspired. She is tough, pathetic, comic, and dramatic by turns: a combination of Ann Richards and Susan Sontag.

David Alexander ("Geronimo", "Dutch", "Newsies", Designing Women"...) gave the small town used car salesman "Jimbo Carvelton, best deal on wheels." the relaxed humor and bravado needed for the role. He brings a dignity, humor, and sharp edge to a character not noted for those qualities, and gave Jimbo a depth of empathy not expected. The sequence between Jimbo and Quinton is unforgettable and will last long in the memories of the audiences everywhere.

Jeffrey von Meyer's ("Seinfield", "Toxic Avenger", "Taming of the Shrew") and Nancy van Iderstine's ensemble performance as Melissa's parents in the opening sequence of "The Seller" set the edgy tone for the rest of the film.  Jeffrey's weakness played so well off Nancy's shrew that off camera and out of character Nancy was asked who she was by one of the crew members.