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"An astonishing fusion of stark landscape cinematography and wildly compelling close-ups, especially of Brophy as he delivers hypnotic monologues that seem to be about everything and nothing at once and that lay bare his character's internal processes without demystifying them.  Schlattman has rarefied emotion instead of breaking it down-his characters are indelible because they retain their mystery even as they let you inside."
CHICAGO READER - Lisa Alspector - Friday, August 17, 1997 - Volume 26, Number 45

"The festivals most gratifying find could be The Seller which deserves a much larger audience.  The meandering discussions they have about life, death, dreams and mortality have all the sizzle and wit you could ever hope to find in such a movie."
CHICAGO TRIBUNE - John Petrakis - Wednesday, August 13, 1997

"The festival's best bet...Schlattman's precise vision recalls America's ace seer of Western wastelands...Jon Jost"
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES - Bill Stamets - Wednesday, August 13, 1997

CHICAGO TRIBUNE - John Petrakis - 1998

"A stunning film." KPFK- Los Angeles

"Acerbic Wit.... Humorous and touching relationships...well worth the trip." 
LA Weekly - Paul Malcolm, Vol 20, No. 3, Dec. 12-16, 1997 Los Angeles
"Powerful and distinctive. Impressive. ...a raw, edgy tale, shot through with dark humor... Schlattman directs with terrific wit and immediacy.  Well acted...winning portrayals."
Kevin Thomas- LA TIMES - Monday December 5th, 1994

"Cutting edge ...the best of the Ameri can Independents at the Rotterdam Film Festival. ...Brutal, realistic comedy"
V.A. Musetto-NEW YORK POST - Saturday, February 19, 1994

"Visual savvy and unexpected humor...Incisively on target...more than ably directed."
D. Rooney-
VARIETY - Feb. 14-20, 1994

  " An Impressive Debut. With dark, dead-pan humor, experimental visual techniques and solid performances,  At Ground Zero is a promising first feature."
Jamie Painter-
FILM THREAT MAGAZINE - Issue 17 - August 1994

"Nihilistic, often violent black comedy..." Isabel Conway- THE EUROPEAN - 4-10 February 1994

"Craig Schlattman's At Ground Zero is a gripping chronicle of the exploits of a young couple on smack as they make their way across the country. ...The film has a gritty realism twisted by a surreal, drug-inspired edge. As the film spirals in into a vertigo of altered states, Schlattman captures the couple's blindingly beautiful and horrific states of mind in a particularly brilliant and memorable desert sequence. A startling first feature. "
Holly Willis - FILMFORUM LA - Fall 1994 Newsletter

"Zero's power is in sharp details and dark humor. Effectively evokes the between-the-cracks existence of the characters."
Ernest Hardy-LA WEEKLY - Vol. 18, No. 16, March 15-21 1996

*"Admirable...Moments of rare grace. Schlattman hits the spontaneous rediscovery of beauty right on the money. Hauers performance is a saving grace ."
Sean K. Smith-
LA VILLAGE VIEW - Volume 10, No. 32, March 15-21 1996

*"... Raw, dynamic, darkly humorous tale of two young druggies on a cross country spree..."
Sue Martin-LA TIMES - Monday, December 5, 1994

*"Convincingly invokes..visionary..grunge poetry of the beats.."
Manohla Dargis-LA WEEKLY Vol 17, No. 1, December 2-8, 1994

*"Life on the road with a couple of junkies doesn't get much more interesting than in this impressive first feature by Craig Schlattman.
This is a small treasure of independent filmmaking.

Matt Langdon - LA READER - March 15, 1996, Vol. 18 No. 2

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