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June 10, 2008

Medici In Minnsota

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Medici in Minnesota

6/9/08 – Last night at the Open Book in Minneapolis, the Bush Foundation made the announcements for the 2008 Fellowship Awards, and the new Enduring Vision Awards for mature artists.

Most awards and grants are a process that involves describing exactly what you plan on doing with the money if you get it, exactly what you plan on spending on what and when, and an absolute deadline to have it done.

The Bush Fellowships are unique in any that we have seen.  Their fellowships are an investment in the artist for future work, with no time limit, no itinerary of expenditure, and no deadline to finish over 1-2 years.  Freedom. Who else has done this in the last 500 years except the Medici’s?  And let’s not forget, the Medici did expect product.

The evening was the culmination of 3 days of orientation, tips on taxes, talks from other Fellows, in general some help on spending the money, wisely, and seeing the other Fellows work.

The Enduring Vision awards gave 3 mature artists 100,000$ to do with as they please, and 15 Fellowships of 50,000 to artists in visual and media arts.  We are proud to announce that Proletariat Pictures filmmaker Craig Schlattman was one of the Fellows for the 2008 awards.

“It’s like having the Medici in Minnesota” said Schlattman, “I’ve never had the kind of freedom with a grant like this before, it’s a vote of confidence in my next work.”  When asked what he will do with the money, “Make a movie, what else?”

That’s indie spirit.

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