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Profile - Craig Schlattman ___________

Filmmaker Craig Schlattman has been making films since the early 70's, he has produced and directed an eclectic array of award winning short films that have earned him a following in both the art and film world. His films have been included in shows at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York, and the Institute For American Studies in Barcelona.  Submitting, Craig's last short film (about the politics of celebrity and its relationship to bigotry produced by Rutger Hauer) won Silver and Bronze awards at the Chicago and Houston International Film Festivals, and
At Ground Zero , his first feature length film, has had a successful theatrical release and has garnered an impressive collection of distinguished reviews from the New York, Los Angeles and European press.  At Ground Zero has won numerous festival awards including a Silver at the Houston International Film Festival. His next feature film, The Seller , has won even more impressive reviews and was called "One of my favorite films of the year" by the Chicago Tribune.  The Seller had it's first theatrical engagement in Los Angeles awaiting a wide release.  His latest feature, Asymmetry, a brutal family drama praised by the small audience that has seen it, was deemed "too tough for audiences" by the major film festivals, and is available only through this film site. 

Active in the art world Craig's photographs have been exhibited in numerous 1 person shows and nationally in venues such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, New Museum Of Contemporary Art in New York, reviewed & published in ArtForum, Arts, NY Times, LA Times, LA Weekly, and the Village Voice. His photographs are included in the permanent collection of the Security Pacific Bank and J. Paul Getty Museum, and in an eclectic selection of private collectors from Whoopi Goldberg to John Divola.

Acting in numerous Independent films have earned him reviews of "disturbing", "frightening familiarity", "sustained tension throughout", and "slightly comic, gave me sleepless nights". He has taught writing, photography and film at the University level, holds an M.F.A. in Film and Photography from the California Institute of the Arts and a B.A. from the University of Minnesota. His background also includes music (plays trumpet and slide guitar), a winning competitive cyclist, and a novice love of jazz, blues, opera and Rock and Roll.

A 2008 recipient of the prestigious Bush Fellowship, he is currently seeking financing for a package of dramatic films including Storm Chaser (a contemporary, American Western about cowardice, and a poet photographer and his decaying Montana family) and Testing Oblivion (an American drama/comedy about attempted suicide, quantum mechanics, and the myth of successful nuclear families), and in pre-production on 2 feature films scheduled for release in 2009.

Partial Filmography -- "What" (1976), ID (1977), #3 (1977), Edit (1977), Title (1978), Honest (1979), Bike Film (1985), Fun House (1985), Tense (1986), Bag (1987), Slap (1987), Evidence (1987), Boat (1988), Submitting (1989), Heroic (1990), Furious (1991), Say Yes John Bell (1992), At Ground Zero (1994), The Seller (1997), Testing Oblivion (1998), Asymmetry (2006).