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An intense psychological drama revolving around a dysfunctional family and the 3 generations of remaining family members. Hiding a slipping reality and a battle with her psychosis, Shirley  faces the Internet, and loss of control to save herself, her family, and beat her demons.

Shirley has quit her teaching job and bugs her neighbors for menial labor.  Her 35 year old daughter, Chase, has driven her husband out of the house and her life.  Her long distance runs around the lake have become jogs around the block, never seeming to cross the yellow center lines on the street.

As Shirley’s life spirals out of her control,  Chase accelerates her accusations, as her daughter, Charlene, becomes a wild child too, running away from home with an older boy.   Soon Shirley can’t leave the boundaries of the house, and has wrapped the house in plastic.  Discovering the internet and chat cams, she realizes that the only experience she might have with her family is over the internet.

Chase and Charlene have there own designs on Shirley.

As Shirley’s attempts to beat her psychosis fail, she makes a decision that is interrupted by a chat cam conversation with Alex and Charlene threatening her daughter, and granddaughter, and hints at being part of her psychosis.

Shirley’s attempt to beat her psychosis and rescue her family leads to a confrontation with herself in the middle of the street.  Ultimately, not everyone can beat their demons, and, like Shirley, must find a way to deal with them.

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