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Nancy Crocker – Nancy has a long theater and commercial resume and has had a number of supporting roles including roles in The Last Word and Grown Men.  A native of Missouri, Nancy brings an abundance of energy and commitment to her role as Shirley, she gave the character both the humor and pain needed for such a complicated role and was a pleasure to work with.

Stacia Rice has had numerous stage and theater roles and received critical acclaim for her work with the Guthrie Theater, and independent stage productions from coast to coast.  Stacia brings an unparalleled naturalism and commitment to her role as Chase that extended to days of shooting tied to a chair.  Exciting to work with and a pleasure to watch, Stacia’s nuance of character is a treat. (

Rita Cannon - 15-year-old Rita has had numerous stage roles and an abundance of training for stage and film.  Rita brings an anger and intelligence to the very difficult character of Charlene, Chases’ daughter.  Rita’s commitment to such a difficult role was surprising for such a young woman, but absolutely needed for the character of Charlie to come to life.

Jim Halloran – Jim has been in everything from Chekhov to television shows like Whatever for NBC.  Jim’s revelry and submersion in the role of the unstable Alex was both humorous, and disturbing, and exactly what the role called for.  Jim say’s his passion has always been independent film, and is currently involved in George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan.

Steve Sweere – Steve has a long stage resume including roles in Equis and Glengarry Glen Ross, and a growing film resume.  Steve’s abandon and commitment to the character of Luke brought both the tough, jaded young man to the fore, in addition to a level of empathy and compassion to his relationship with an older woman he met online.  A wonderful actor and an asset to any production, his abandon to the role of Luke was just what the character needed.

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